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OUR 2019-20 WINTER PRICE £219.99 PER SET!


We stock both models of Wheel Blades here in the UK for prompt delivery!
The S model is used for manual wheelchair castors.

The wide Wheel Blade contact surface distributes the wheelchair driver’s pressure evenly onto the ground and prevents the small front wheels from sinking into the snow. The blades run over the ground with very little pressure and have no problem smoothing out rough spots. 

Two tracking channels on the Wheel Blade underside compress the snow, ensuring stability; this is to say that you move along as if on rails.In addition to this the Wheelblades are very handy due to their low weight: A few seconds are enough to attach them to all commonly used wheels. 

WHEELBLADES S: The adjustable clamp lock covers all wheelchair wheel widths from 1.8 to 6 cm.

As you can see, WheelBades work real easy – simplicity combined with many advantages.

  • Quick attachment requires little strength. Changing from blades to wheels can be done quickly and without problems.
  • Due to their handy size and low weight you can take your Wheel Blades wherever you go.
  • High-end, robust materials make the skis shock- and fraction-proof. 
  • Thanks to the adjustable clamp lock, Wheel Blades can be used anywhere. 
  • Wheel Blades enable helpers for the first time to push wheelchair drivers in snow. 
  • The market’s least expensive and least complicated solution. 

Please note!

Wheel Blades are not all powerful. If the surface is too soft or the snow too high, even large drive wheels meet their limits and you won’t be able to move despite your Wheel Blades. Wheelchairs are subject to the same rules as road traffic – no winter tires, no mobility in snow. 

If you have 24" wheels we recommend that you take your wheelchair to a good local independant cycle shop and ask about the possibility of fitting mountain bike tyres to your wheels.  As far as we know this is only possible on 24" wheels. Wheelchair wheels are different to bicycle wheel sizes and we have never found anything to fit other than 24" which is a common size. Your local cycle specialist will know! This will also help your mobility in the snow with added grip and populsion!


But this new freedom in the snow comes with new responsibility. Even if the Wheel Blades themselves are running steadily and smoothly at high speeds, you should never travel faster than 10Km/h. It is not a piece of sports equipment, but rather an aid to be used at walking speed for optimal and safe performance. 

Above all, please make sure that the Wheel Blades never lose contact with the subsurface. DRIVE WITH CARE!

Counterbalancing the wheelchair on the back wheels when the Wheel Blades are attached could result in significant risk of an accident.


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